Gardens take time, and it can be frustrating when you are trying to free your schedule to spend a day in the backyard, or waiting for a professional to come and rescue you.

If your garden depresses you even to sit in because it is such a work in progress, you may feel that there is a whole section of your home you cannot use.

However, there are things you can do to see instant results and make yourself feel instantly more in love with your outdoor space.

1) Get rid of the old and tired

Many people feel that having some plants is better than having no plants.

The means that they leave grotty old plants which are past their best.

Adopt a more aggressive strategy!

Even if you cannot replace the old plants immediately, it is better to get them out and onto the compost heap.

It doesn’t take long to dig out the worst offenders, and your garden will look instantly brighter.

2) Have a spring clean

Pots, walls and patios!

These can all drag the overall look of the garden down, and over the course of autumn and winter when there is mud, rain and exposure to colder elements to contend with these can all look drab.

Whether you own a pressure washer or hire one, this is by far the fastest way to get things clean, and you will be amazed at how different the garden looks with everything sparkling and spotless.

3) Tidy up gaps in paving and patios

Gaps between slabs can quickly get filled with moss and other weeds.

If you are busy implementing tip two, you will find that a pressure washer will dislodge a lot of this for you, however, if not, a weeding tool can assist.

Once the cracks are empty, you need to find a way to stop the regrowth and the easiest way to do this is to fill them.

Using a simple mix of one part cement, three parts sand and a little water you can easily create a filler that you can push into the holes with a trowel.

This prevents regrowth, and the patio looks instantly healthier.

4) Flowerbeds for colour

To brighten up a garden, you should seek to add colour.

Adding a new flowerbed or two can be the ideal solution.

It is easy to remove sections of turf from a lawn, or if you do not want to alter the structure of the garden consider large troughs or long pots to create a new floral display.

Bedding plants are readily available and will add instant colour and interest to anyone sitting enjoying the garden space.

5) The rule of three

A clever trick employed by professional gardeners is to plant in threes.

Select three plants of the same size and colour; this is particularly handy for geraniums and the like.

You then have two choices, either pop all three into the ground together or spread them out for a border effect.

Either way, you will find having three the same creates an aesthetically pleasing scenario.


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