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Keen gardeners are always interested in sharing information with one other and learning new gardening techniques. They also love to keep up to date with the latest gardening trends! This article will share the 9 of the most popular trends of 2018, to provide you with some inspiration for your garden. #1 — Gardening is

Gardeners have been using companion planting for centuries. It is a technique where you place different species of plants in close proximity to repel insects, promote growth, encourage pollination, or provide habitat for beneficial creatures. Companion planting used to be a very common gardening technique, but it fell out of favour with gardeners in the

Brits may live in a stunning country with plenty of glorious countrysides but there is one thing we can all agree on, and that is the weather is not always great. UK winters tend to be wet; spring tends to be wet, well you get the picture. Sadly the constant rain is not so good

A great way to brighten up your garden and create a new look is to used recycled objects. There are many exciting things that may otherwise have gone out for rubbish that can be used to add colour and shape to a dull garden. Here are some great ideas to get you started. Old tyres

There are many gardens with grass areas, some are just postage stamps, and others are grand striped cricket pitch affairs. No matter how big or small your lawn you will need to take care of it appropriately. People are often confused about the best way to care for a garden, so we have put together

Bees are essential for the ecology of the world. That might sound a little dramatic, but it is actually true. The job they do is vital for the survival of several plant species, but sadly these tiny buzzing insects are under threat. Significant pesticides and intensive farming methods are killing off the bees. So rather

There are many reasons for turning a garden into a sensory garden. Children and adults with special needs can benefit tremendously from the stimulation they offer, but more than that, a sensory garden is relaxing and uplifting no matter who uses it. We have put together some great ways to make your garden more appealing

Composting is something very worthwhile that all gardeners should consider. Many people are put off trying to start composting at home for fear of getting it wrong or creating a big smelly pile of waste. Thankfully compost heaps are easier than you might think and do not need to stink the whole garden out! Here

Making money from your garden is not something that you might have ever considered, but if you own your own home, you could find that your garden can offer a helpful source of income. It may not be massive money, but at the same time, it could be very welcome. Remember that you will need

When you rent a property, the garden might be a slightly different set up than if you own the house. Firstly, because the house belongs to your landlord, they might not want to allow you to make as many changes as you would like. Sadly there is no choice but to respect their wishes but