If you do not have a garden, maybe because you live in a flat, you may start to miss the ability to garden. However, not having a green space of your own doesn’t have to stop you.

There are lots of plants you can grow indoors that really brighten up the place and help you to feel closer to nature. Having plants inside is also a great way to banish the winter blues, even if you do have a garden outside and are just finding it too cold or wet to get out.


Spider Plants

One of the best plants for indoor growing because they improve the quality of the air and really does help the room to feel healthier. They are really quite easy to take care of and perfect for indoors as they actually hate the cold. Be sure to keep your plant in a light area as it will not thrive in a dark corner. The perfect room could actually be the bathroom provided you have plenty of light.


Aloe Vera

Another really easy plant for the new gardener. Aloe Vera is almost cactus looking, and comes from tropical climates so really does need to be kept warm. It requires only minimal watering as to really prefers a drier soil. One great thing about Aloe Vera is the healing properties offered by the inside of the leaves. If you happen to burn yourself in the kitchen then simply break off one of the smaller leaves and squeeze out the jelly-like liquid. It can be applied directly to the skin and will cool immediately after the burn has taken place and support the healing process afterwards.


Snake Plants

If you are terrible at watering your plants, then the snake plant could be perfect for you. It can almost thrive on neglect and needs the minimum of care. It doesn’t really care if it is dark or light and doesn’t need much water at all. In return, this smart little plant will clean the air and help to get rid of airborne toxins. Sounds like the perfect candidate for all homes.



Cacti make good houseplants as they also require minimal care and attention. However, they really do need a good amount of light. They thrive in warm temperatures and are easy to look after. A cluster of mini cactus plants can create a really eye-catching feature, and you will have some lovely greenery inside your home. They do not need watering often; otherwise, they are prone to dying.


Peace Lily

Provided you do not have a cat or dog this could be a lovely plant for you. Lily is toxic to animals so care should be taken if you have pets at home. It is safest not to have this plant as cats, in particular, seem to love to climb and chew on the plant and it could be fatal. If you do not have pets, this is a really pretty flowering plant and can thrive in lower light. Another plant that is really easy to look after it just needs a drink once a week if it the soil feels dry.


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