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Although strictly this is not gardening, keeping chickens or ducks is something that a lot of keen gardeners do. It is also popular among those that want to be more self-sustaining as this means you can generate your own supply of eggs and you have a great way to recycle your kitchen scraps. So what

Sometimes you find yourself with a blank canvas. Whether that is because you have moved into a new build or because the previous owners were just not keen gardeners it is a lovely position to be in. However, knowing where to start or what to do with the space can sometimes be overwhelming. If you

It is fair to say that gardening is not as popular as it used to be. Many children simply never get the chance to spend anytime gardening. Schools have attempted to address with many running courses in outdoor education, but getting kids involved at home is also a great way to pass some of the

One of the biggest reasons people get frustrated with their garden is size. If you live in an urban area, you might find that the garden space allocated to your home is not that big. Gone are the days of new builds boasting allotment size gardens. It is now assumed that most people do minimal

About ten years ago every council in the country was pushing worm-based composting. Householders were offered generous discounts to sign up, with bins and worms being supplied cheaply. Literature was provided, and hundreds of people took up the challenge. Over the years composting still remains popular but using worms seems to have taken a backseat.

If you have a relatively small garden, or are slightly nomadic and like to move around a lot, be that rearrange the garden or moving house, container gardening could be the perfect solution for you. There are certainly a massive variety of pots on offer that can create some eye-catching statement pieces and as long

Gardens take time, and it can be frustrating when you are trying to free your schedule to spend a day in the backyard, or waiting for a professional to come and rescue you. If your garden depresses you even to sit in because it is such a work in progress, you may feel that there

Today, we want to talk a bit about the history of plants and how we have used them over time. Since ancient times, humanity has depended on plants; they are responsible for purifying the air we breathe, they are also responsible for us as a vital cog in the food chain. In addition, they meet

We are proud to announce our new blog to which we will be adding lots of helpful gardening tips and information. You’ll also get to see company updates and much more. Stay Tuned!