If you are not a keen gardener but still want your garden to look stunning, why not consider adding to your green-fingered efforts by creating a theme and accessorising with some garden decoration to compliment your greenery.

Themed gardens are really popular and can still incorporate some stunning plants that match your theme.

The Japanese Garden

Why not consider a zen garden inspired by Japan.

Bamboo is a beneficial plant here; live bamboo is a stunning leafy green plant that will self-seed and spread quickly so you will need to consider keeping it contained.

Bamboo canes are often using in garden screening and can raise the height of a dividing fence or hide the bin storage for example.

A bamboo screen will possibly only last one winter by they are not expensive to purchase so replacing them one a year will keep your garden looking its best.

The Acer is another typical find in a garden with this theme.

Known as Japanese Maple this deep red leafed plant is a stunning centrepiece that draws the eye and is sure to attract plenty of compliments.

You can finish the theme with a water feature, and some wind chime hung strategically to create the gentle noises that accompany the image of a Japanese garden.

The Moroccan Garden

If you would like something louder and brighter why not consider bringing a taste of Morocco to your backyard.

Traditional houses are built around a central courtyard style garden, and often the walls of the property are painted rich, vibrant colours.

This might be easier for those who own their property as a landlord may object, but you could paint either a wall or fence in a bright blue or yellow.

Cacti make ideal plants for this theme, and you could site them in planters meaning you can move them around too create different looks. Again water features are an essential part of this design.

Consider creating some defined pathways as these would play a significant role in those townhouses around the courtyard.

Finally, a fig tree could complete the look, and if you are lucky and have a good summer, it may even yield fruit.

The Mediterranean Garden

The focus of this theme is outdoor dining, so plenty of furniture.

Obviously, in this country, you will be taking the furniture in during bad weather, especially soft furnishings like cushions.

Metal furniture would not be typical as the temperatures would make it uncomfortable to sit on.

A fire pit with seating makes a nice feature for summer evenings when the sun has gone down, and you want to sit out and socialise maybe with a glass of wine.

In terms of planting, herbs are an excellent choice for a Mediterranean garden so consider planting Thyme and Oregano as these will create a lovely aroma on a warm day.

An outdoor cooking area such as a barbecue is also worth considering if you have space to help create that authentic outdoor living experience that you would find.


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