Sometimes you find yourself with a blank canvas. Whether that is because you have moved into a new build or because the previous owners were just not keen gardeners it is a lovely position to be in. However, knowing where to start or what to do with the space can sometimes be overwhelming.

If you have a love of flowers then creating a flower garden could be the ideal solution. The more flowers in the world, the safer the bee population is, and we really need them to survive as a species so why not create a bee paradise in your garden and have something beautiful to look at.


Where to Start

Starting on paper is always a great way. Especially if you are going to be making flowerbeds from scratch. If there are existing flower beds, it is still worth planning what can go where. You need to take into account things like light and shade and plant accordingly. There are some lovely plants that thrive in shaded areas, and conversely, others really need the maximum amount of sunlight you can offer them. Fences and walls can act as natural windbreaks to protect some of the more delicate flowers to knowing where you want to put things makes a real difference.


Create Shape

If you are lucky enough to be working from a blank canvas, you can also build in shape in your planning stage. The easiest way to do this is to plan to use a range of beds at different heights and add in some planters and hanging baskets. This creates a really eye-catching display, and you will find yourself looking for ages, maybe as you sit on the patio and enjoy a cup of tea.


Mix it Up

Look for a good range of plants the flower at different times. This means you will need to get some that last all year long, usually known as evergreens.

These stop the garden becoming brown and bare in winter. Annuals need to be planted every year, and you expect to have to replace them but have some really stunning blooms, there are things like pansies and marigolds and often come in a range of bright colours.

Finally, there are perennials; these are plants that die off each year but continue to grow from the root and return bigger the following year. So these last for more than one season.

Having a good range that flower at varying points means you will always have something new to look at. Some people like to include a wild garden area. Here you devote a patch of soil to wild plants and when you seed you have no structure.

Things like poppies and grasses make a lovely wild garden. All of these combined will really appeal to the bees and other wildlife.

You could also plan to hang some bird feeders in the garden and perhaps provide a bird bath too, as we have a stunning range of wild birds in the UK and they also need to be protected and preserved!


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