Greenhouses seem to attract clutter.

The purpose of the greenhouse is to assist the gardener and provide a warmer area for plants to germinate and grow and to house any plants that will not thrive out in the wilds of the garden.

However, if your greenhouse gets too messy then achieving anything can seem almost impossible.

So here are four great tips to organise your greenhouse and get the best of the space.

1. Designate a workspace

Most people call this their potting table.

Whatever term you want to use, you will need a space to work free from clutter and somewhere that you do not need to move things to get to every time you walk through the door.

An old table or bench can make the perfect starting point.

You will then want to add space to store your essential tools.

Hanging buckets to tidy away your string, labels, scissors and ties, makes a lot of sense.

If you get creative, you could utilise an old dresser to create your potting table which gives you loads of storage space as they usually have cupboards and drawers underneath and shelving about.

It might take up space, but if you can use it to store lots, the trade-off is worth it.

2. Shelves

Open shelving is a boon in a greenhouse.

You can use the vertical space to store more seed trays if you have lots of shelving.

DIY stores often sell lots of racking that is cheap and cheerful which is perfect for a greenhouse environment.

Plastic is usually best as it does not rust or warp like wood.

Having slants means that the air can circulate efficiently around the trays and means that any water is able to run off quickly.

3. Hang it up

Hanging hooks are another way to increase the space and practicality of your greenhouse.

Where you have big hooks so that you can hang up things like watering cans and hanging baskets or whether you create an almost washing line affair the choice is yours.

The advantage of the washing line idea is that you hang up things like your gardening gloves and they will dry out rather than stay wet shoved on the side.

You could also be really cheeky and pop some washing out if the weather does not play nice for a few days.

4. Storage

When it comes to storage in a greenhouse plastic is always a good idea.

It doesn’t damage as easily, and it tends to be a bit damp in the greenhouse.

Big plastic trugs are great for all the scraps that don’t seem to fit anywhere else.

Storage boxes with lids are a must for things that need to stay dry, like open seed packets and labels.

The storage bins often come with handles so you could keep all your small hand tools in one place and just carry it out to the garden with you when you are ready to do some gardening.


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